The MDS Expert Story

Meet the MDS Consultants team behind MDS Expert

Our Founder


Gloria has been in the health care field for over 30 years. Her roles in the long-term care sector have included MDS Coordinator, Assistant Director of Nursing, Nursing Supervisor, Nursing Educator, Nurse Manager, Inservice Director, Employee Health Nurse, OSHA Regulation Coordinator, and QA Coordinator. As a nurse, consultant, and educator, she has extensive knowledge and experience in helping customers with Minimum Data Set (MDS) and PDPM. Gloria is the author of three books and has developed software to better capture patient care measures in skilled nursing facilities.

Gloria Brent

Gloria Brent, RN

President and CEO

Our Expert Trainers and Master Teachers

Our team of over 50 RAC-CT professionals includes our skilled expert trainers and master teachers.

Jessica Stucin


Jessica has extensive experience as an MDS Coordinator and is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. She has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, including the roles of clinical staff nurse, charge nurse, Assistant Director of Nursing and Director of Nursing.

Jessica’s expertise is in MDS, care planning, survey process, quality measures, risk management, utilization review, clinical reimbursement and case mix.

Linda Winston


Linda has been a nurse for over 30 years, with almost 15 years as a Director of Nursing. Linda has filled many roles in the long-term care setting, including staff nurse, supervising nurse, nurse educator and administration.

Linda’s focus on improving resident care has driven her to a leadership role in the areas of the survey and certification processes, resident assessment, and clinical approaches to the improvement and prevention of skin alterations.

Barbara Bates


Barbara’s 35 year nursing career included 10 years as a Director of Nursing in an upstate NY veterans home and a specialty in psychiatric nursing for psychogeriatrics, plus extensive experience in nursing administration and facility management.

As a nursing educator and consultant, Barbara is a Gold STAMP facilitator and coach in MDS 3.0 and resident assessment, care area assessments and care planning, survey preparation, survey deficiency correction, exceptional care planning, restorative nursing, pressure ulcer program assessment and safe patient handling.

Nicole Roman


Nicole has worked in the world of MDS and RAI system management for 7 of her 12 years as a nurse. She started her nursing career in the long-term healthcare setting, where she worked as a floor nurse, interim nursing supervisor, and senior trainer for new nursing staff.  Her additional background in psychology provided the opportunity to work in settings with individuals experiencing behavioral needs and developmental disabilities.

As Director of Audits and Compliance at MDS Consultants, Nicole specializes in MDS, quality measures, and Medicare A compliance – where she assists clients and team members in promoting accuracy while ensuring quality of care aligns with reimbursement.